How does Off-Ear™ listening work?

All CONDUIT Products use a noise-ambient™  mode of listening.

Off-Ear™ listening sends sound waves through the bones to your inner ears. During this mode of listening, the ear canal is left entirely free, so you can hear the music and everything around you at the same time.

Our Off-Ear™ mode of listening utilizes bone conduction technology. Bone conduction is one of two mechanisms through which you can hear, the other is air conduction. Bone-conducted sounds cause the bones of the skull to vibrate, resulting in the direct vibration of fluid within the cochlea, which happens simultaneously but separately to sound waves travelling through the ear canal. This is evident when you hear your own voice. Sound travels through the air to arrive at your ears, but you also hear the sound transmitted through the bones of the skull to the cochlea. This results in the difference of the sound quality when you speak compared to hearing a recording of your own voice.


CONDUIT Off-ear technology safe?

Are the vibrations from Off-Ear™ listening harmful to my hearing?
No, not at all! Listening to music through Off-Ear™ technology is actually safer than using traditional earphones, as it doesn’t damage the ear canal when played at high volume. It has a range of other applications in both the medical and military industries.


When can I buy CONDUIT Sports™?

CONDUIT Sports™ is not yet available to buy. So far only our loyal Kickstarter backers have reserved themselves a one of these amazing products. If you are interested in buying CONDUIT Sports™ sign up for our newsletter via the Home page of this website and we’ll notify you as soon as it becomes available for purchase.


When will my CONDUIT Sports™ be delivered?

If you are a Kickstarter backer of CONDUIT Sports™ your product is currently being worked on by our dedicated team. Since what we are trying to do is really unique (that is why it is patented!) we’ve had challenges, much like any innovative product. This has cost us more time than anticipated. The planned delivery of CONDUIT Sports™ is end Q2 / Q3 2018.


How do I wear CONDUIT Motion™?

The headband should wrap around the back of your head and loop over your ears. From this position you can listen to the Off-Ear™ speakers which should be positioned just in front of your ears.


How do I wear CONDUIT Motion™?

Can CONDUIT Motion™ be worn with sunglasses, reading glasses or a helmet?
CONDUIT Motion™ can be used with most eye glasses and helmets. Specifically, it has been designed for use by cyclists so most cycling helmets will fit well with these headphones.


Can CONDUIT Motion™ be worn with sunglasses, reading glasses or a helmet?

What types of mobile devices will CONDUIT Motion™ work with?
CONDUIT Motion™ are equipped with Bluetooth® v4.1 and are compatible with all iOS and Android Bluetooth-ready devices, including Apple and PC computers, smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Can CONDUIT Motion™ be worn while driving?
Yes and no. We advise you to check local laws on headphone use in cars, but CONDUIT Motion™ can be worn while driving in many states and countries. It is hands-free and the Off-Ear™ technology allows your ear canal to remain free so you can better hear the world around you compared to standard headphones which cover your ears.

CONDUIT Sports™ are not recommended to be worn swimming or in the shower.


Do CONDUIT Motion™ come with a warranty?

Our product has been designed with materials that are made to last. Because we believe so strongly in this, we offer a one-year warranty with all CONDUIT Motion™ headsets. Please contact info@conduitsports.com for instructions on claiming your warranty.


Do you have a refund policy for CONDUIT Motion™?

If you are not completely satisfied with your product when you receive them we will provide a 10-day money back guarantee. Please contact info@conduitsports.com


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